Why Entrepreneurship

Next time you see that guy at the gas station in that red Lamborghini ask where going he won't say work. Or when you see that family traveling the country with their little ones ask them did they have to ask there job for vacation time. Freedom is more powerful than money. Most people partner with us for one simple reason financial freedom & time freedom.

I love because it gives me the opportunity to connect with sharp entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez check out video his video

My Story

At 25 I look at my job in the pharmacy, and I looked at my older co-workers who had been on the job longer than me and made more than me. Who had spoken daily about what they couldn't purchase and spoke about missing events for their children. I saw the lack of financial freedom, and lack of time freedom. At that point I decided that wouldn't be me. I had no idea how but I knew I wanted freedom!


Suhail Hamid Story

Coming to America with little to no English made it hard for me to land my dream job. I made the best of my job at Panda Express I knew I wanted more than when I met Claude he said, it was possible to make what I want to make. Still seems like a dream that I came to this country with just my family not one friend and now I have hired over 3 dozen people and made over 150,000 my first full year in the financial services industry.

Alondra & Josh Put up 86k in less then 10 days

Winners win I still remember when previous company said couldn't do well with them, and they won't do well with me. When Alondra was working at BJs brewery waiting tables it was make this work or go to nursing school. Well on track to make over $500,000 before 23. Look like she made the right choice. Josh had a hard time taking last company seriously because all the rah-rah wasn't paying his bills he does over 20k ever single month guess bills are getting paid!


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