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CRL Saliva Training

Once you have your Americo agent number, you need to go on the following link and take the quick course and the short quiz after to complete the training. Print or save the certificate just in case it's needed for later.

Once you create a user name and enter your email, CRL will email you a password and you can use that to login.

Reminder, any cases for $250k+ face amount will need a saliva so don't forget to collect if selling over that amount.

You can order them by calling 800.882.1922 or via email at

AML instructions

You read through the passages and answer a few multiple choice questions along the way (you can still pass if you get the answers wrong).

Just follow the 2 sites below

You will need your NPN (national producer number) and you can go on this website to find it:

Then you will need to complete the course on the following link. Your user name is the NPN number you got above and the initial password is your last name, all lower case

Annuity Training

Here is the site for annuity training for Athene. Included at no cost is the 4 hour state annuity training course (8 Hour requirement in CA) on there along with the carrier's products training. Product training is also available for everyone PRIOR TO being contracted with Athene via RegEd! Great news!!!!!

Once you are contracted, you will be able to see from your Athene dashboard which one is needed for the course, depending also on if you took one of the course when you renewed your state license.

The main products you will need is Ascent (geared for stream of income), Performance Elite (geared for accumulation) and Agility 10 (Hybrid of the 2) so you just need to take those courses if you do not want to do all of them. The free product code is listed below.

Ready to take product training? Here are your Athene product codes!

Athene Product Course RegEd Product Codes:

Athene AscentSM Pro Bonus PROBO_2017

Athene Performance Elite® PerformanceElite_2015

Athene Agility 710_2018

Additional products to complete later but only as needed:

Athene Benefit 10SM B10_2014

Athene MaxRate® MaxRate_2017

Athene SPIA SPIA_2016

Applying for Non-Resident License

Paper Apps

Training Calls

  • MONDAY MORNING - 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST - Level Up Call

    • Dial (515) 739-1015
    • Access Code 718773816#
  • WEDNESDAY MORNING - 11am EST/8am PST - Invest in your business

    • Dial (641)715-3580
    • Access Code 887493#
  • THURSDAY MORNING - 11am EST/8am PST - FFL Product Training

    • Dial (712) 775-7035
    • Access Code 690978#
  • FRIDAY MORNING - 11am EST/8am PST - FFL Friday Facebook Live

Phone/In Home


(Lead vendors listed below but when finalizing your lead strategy consult with your VP or Direct upline first)

Lead Vendors:

For Second Chance/Cherry Pick/Aged Leads:
How to Purchase Cherry Pick Leads off the CRM

New Leads:

Social Insurance Leads

Discount Code: FFL125

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Call: 844-707-8800

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